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Tyre Pressure Maintenance

Maintaining your tyres at the recommended pressure levels will help with tyre lifespan, increase car safety and maintain fuel efficiency.

In order to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure, you will need to find the correct pressure rating of your vehicle, and you will also need a pressure gauge. Take off the valve cap on the tyre valve, and place the pressure gauge on the valve stem. You should press down hard enough so the hiss sound disappears and your gauge provides a reading.  According to the reading, you can then inflate or deflate your tyre as needed.

It might not seem enjoyable to do but keeping up with tyre pressure maintenance on your car can make a real difference.

Five tips for checking your tyre pressure

  1. Make sure tyres are cooled down when you carry out the test
  2. Get the right pressure reading for your specific vehicle
  3. Use a reliable pressure gauge
  4. Test all your tyres, including your spare tyre
  5. Tyre pressure decreases much more in warmer climate, so more frequent checks should be carried out then