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You have just bought your brand new tyres from us at Tyres2Door. Now how do you care of them? Here are some of things you can do to take care of those beautiful new tyres.

Regular Tyre Rotations

Tyres will wear down over time due to the friction between the rubber and the road. A good step to make sure your tyres last is to have them rotated. This can prevent things like abnormal wear patterns, which can take a toll on your tyres. Every auto manufacturer has a set interval for tyre rotations according to their maintenance schedule. Following your tyre rotation guideline would help ensure the longest life on your tyres.

Routine Tyre Pressure Checks

Making it a routine to check and adjust your tyre pressure is another very important aspect that you can easily control. The recommended tyre pressure is usually found on your vehicle. This specification is set by your car maker based on things such as how heavy your vehicle is, weight distribution, suspension, and steering design.

Low tyre pressure can have a number of negative impacts such as:

  1. the outer edges of your tyres will wear significantly faster than normal
  2. your fuel economy will be reduced
  3. your stopping distance will be extended
  4. you will experience excessive wobble when turning or in windy conditions 

High tyre pressure can have a number of negative impacts such as:

  1. the centre of your tread will wear
  2. your stopping distance will be extended due to decreased contact with the road 
  3. your suspension will feel much more firm

Get An Annual Wheel Alignment

Have an annual wheel alignment. Many roads are not perfectly flat, things like speed bumps and potholes can alter your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Sometimes just one impact can make the difference and often drivers will not be able to recognize the change. In this case there will be excessive tyre wear. That is why it is suggested to schedule an annual wheel alignment.

We at Tyres2Door hope this helped!